The Big Mummy Blog Share : Team Stein Mummy

As part of The Big Mummy Blog Share this week I am featuring a fellow mummy blogger! Meet Charlotte Stein - Blogger at Team Stein aka Team Stein Mummy. She is a mummy blogger from York.
When did you start your blog? February 2017
Why did you decide to start blogging? In the latter stages of pregnancy and into the first months of constant newborn feeding Florence our fourth child, I discovered an online blogging/vlogging community that made me feel a sense of belonging. I found it to be the honest reality of parenthood and left me feeling that I’m not alone in motherhood. I was feeling at a crossroads in my life after having our children and also nearing a milestone Birthday, so I guess it came about through re-evaluating my life, craving a bit more of an identity and something for myself. I chose to dedicate some snatched moments of my time to produce some content, learn new skills and stretch my brain into writing, photography and much more. As corny as it sounds it really was…

Sharing My Wedding Planning Tips

So Planning a wedding is super stressful so I thought I would let you in to my 10 tips of planning a wedding that I figured out along the way:  

If you see something you like get it.Even if your not sure what it could be used for it will come in handy at some point.I found old hospital curtains in a recycling shop I originally was going to make chair covers with them (what a stupid idea that was), I ended up using them for table cloths, perfect.Rope family members in for anything and everything. Best way to save money if they ask you what you want for your wedding and you don't actually need anything, ask to put money towards the wedding. Also get them to help with setting up and taking everything down if that's something you have to do.Village Halls if you are having trouble finding somewhere and are on a budget look into village halls. They are lovely have character and most of the time you can decorate how you want making your wedding more personal. DIY, Most of my wedding d…

Being A Birthing Partner Written By My Mum

Being a birthing Partner written by my Mum:

In all honestly when both daughters said they wanted me at their births I was a bit dubious as I  am not a big fan of hospitals and was worried I wouldn’t cope! I had my mum at my own first birth ( Rosie) but I was on my own so that was understandable - Rosie had a husband so why did I need to be there!? I also am not a very patient person and so the thought of all those long hours was not something to look forward to! 

The experience couldn’t have been further from all those thoughts! 
From the moment my son came in to wake me up to tell me Rosie’s waters had broken I was excited beyond belief ( I was a bit tipsy as this had happened 5 weeks early and was not expecting a call!).
I think Jim appreciated me being there and it meant when he was tense he was able to get some ‘fresh air’!

All the hospital staff were lovely and accepting of ‘an extra’ in the room which made the job easier! Rosie was amazing as she must have been in shock suddenly havi…

My Anxiety And Emotions After Having A Baby

Again make a cuppa and take a seat it's another long one,

So obviously we had a bit of an unexpected start with Max being born 5 weeks early and being in hospital was super hard for me, one because of what was going on with Max. Two I love being at home its my safe place.I didn't have the comfort of my husband or Knowing that my mum was just round the corner if I needed anything.I went through all the emotions that week.I would say being open and honest with the nurses really helped me I cried in front of them laughed in front of them they definitely saw me in every light.I am a crier anyway so I didn't expect anything less from me really but I felt like I didn't need to hide what I was going through they made me feel like it was normal everything I was feeling.I didn't feel prepared to become a mum in my head I had another 5 weeks to sort everything out so it was a big shock to the system.

When I got home everything was good to begin with. It was when he started to…

How Our Relationship Changed When We Had Max

So this is a subject I don't think a lot of people do talk about. Mine and James relationship defiantly changed once we had Max.

James never really wanted to have children or get married when we first started seeing each other,I on the other hand obviously did want both. But we loved each other so the wedding happened and then I became pregnant. James was scared about becoming a dad and one of the reasons he didn't want to be a dad was because he thought he wouldn't be good a it. I found his thought process really difficult to deal with as I knew that he would be a great dad but because hes so stubborn he wouldn't listen me,also he was scared of change, but time would tell when Max came. 

For me I wasn't worried about our relationship,I think I went into mum mode when I was pregnant and Max was my priority. Me and James have always had a strong relationship we rarely argue and if we did we got over it straight away or James just says sorry regardless if i'm wrong…

Now The Real Work Begins

So we got home,it felt so good to be home with both my boys. My amazing mum had brought a Tommee Tippee prep machine which is a life saver by the way. She also with my sisters helped set up the steriliser and made sure our house was all tidy and set up ready for max's arrival.I don't know what I would of done without them and i'm so thankful for all my family for what they did that week for me James and Max.

first day at      home

But nothing can prepare you for how hard parenting can be.I defiantly didn't realise........  

Lets start with tiredness.In my experience the tiredness from giving birth never goes, from that point onward I have been tired, and I have never felt tired like this before. I always say, I always thought I was tired before, that was nothing compared to this. They say sleep when the baby sleeps but that is a super difficult thing to do when you have a kitchen to tidy, washing to put on, house to hoover and all the other household things you need to do…

Entering Motherhood

my first week into motherhood was not easy...... 

The midwife had said that we could go up and see him, I was so excited. We walked into this room and all these babies in their incubators with wires coming off them, and then there he was our little Max. He had so much hair I couldn't believe it.

                  Max a few hours after being born.

We couldn't hold him yet and we weren't really told anything about how he was doing. We just stared at him for while, then Mum and James went home and I got put in a big hospital room on my own.
It felt really horrible scary and lonely having just given birth to your baby and not have him or husband with you.

Little did I know the next week would be one of the hardest weeks of my life.

So the next morning I went up to see him and he was in a normal crib with a big UV light over him and a little eye mask. I obviously had no idea what was going on. So spoke to one of the nurses and she explained that he had a bit of jaundice and the light…